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Beyond Party Lines: Finding Common Ground on the Environment

The environment has become a great topic of debate between politicians. Since “going green” became popular in the mid-2000s, politicians have been judged on and questioned over their stance regarding the current environmental situation and what (if anything) they believe must be done to remedy it. Questions regarding wildlife preservation, recycling regulation, usage of different types of energy sources, and environmental programs budgeting have all been great topics of interest. Many politicians deny the existence of environmental problems while others are champions for preservation; some claim Global Warming is a scientifically unfounded hysteria that was created by the media while others

Recycling: It Saves HOW Much?

Recycling has become a well-accepted part of social responsibility. Between the “green movement” and the increased awareness of global warming, recycling and environmentally friendly programs have sprung up rapidly over the last ten years. But what are the ramifications of our efforts? Or rather, how do we obtain an understanding of the difference these recycling programs have made? Understanding the consequence of our actions is critical if we are to have any sort of stamina or continued motivation in participating in recycling programs. The below information seeks to address this issue and answer the question of how much good are we actually doing? The following fast, fun facts provide str

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