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CWS is an independently owned company that was founded in 1999 to provide superior customer service to Southern California . The company was founded by a waste industry veteran who has helped pioneer the industry for 38 years.

CWS began operation to service the construction and demolition market place to provide not only roll-off dumpsters but also recycling services. The mission of Direct Disposal is to provide unrivaled customer service and successfully integrate the recycling of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste.


In 1989, California State Assembly had Bill 939 on the table which mandated 50% of a municipality’s waste stream must be diverted from sanitary landfills. Once the bill passed, recycling was to become state law. Direct Disposal was one of only a handful of hauling companies to identify this development and take action.

In 2003, Direct Disposal opened its C&D processing facility in East Los Angeles .The C&D facility is permitted by Calrecycle to process up to 174 tons a day of C&D waste. Today, more than 82% of all C&D waste delivered to the recycling facility is sorted into separate, reusable commodities. In fact, our current recycling rate meets the AB939 recycling goals set for the year 2020.

In 2022 California Waste Services acquired Direct Disposal.



Dan Agajanian (CEO) has been involved in the recycling and disposal business for a long time, and retired when Direct Disposal was acquired by CWS . After graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Biology from the University of California Riverside, he went to work at Angelus Hudson Inc., a small family owned busi­ness. Through great customer service and a “can do” attitude he took the company from a small 5 truck operation and expanded it into a 25 vehicle fleet with over 40 employees. In 1996, Angelus Hudson Inc. was bought out by a National Company, where he worked for them for three years.


After his time with Angelus Hudson Inc., he knew that he wanted to make the customer service side of the business a more pleasurable experience. Some of the main principals of the business model was to focus on the construction and commercial roll off market and provide top notch customer service.


Dan Agajanian founded Direct Disposal in 1999 with one truck and 10 roll off dump­sters. He drove the truck and his wife, Tammy did all of the marketing, sales, and bookkeeping. Since then, Direct Disposal has grown to 20 employees and the focus remains on the construction and demolition recycling market and the commercial roll off market.


The California State Assembly created Bill 939 in 1989, which mandated that 50% of a municipality’s waste stream be diverted from sanitary landfills. Direct Disposal was one of only a handful of companies to take action in compliance with the law. Committed to the environment, Direct Disposal also hosts a recycling facility, which processed over 45,000 tons of construction and demolition waste and inert waste material last year alone. In fact, Direct Disposal is one of the leading providers in recycling in Long Beach, Orange County, and the greater Los Angeles area.


Additionally, over 75% of the construction and demolition waste processed by California Waste Services is sorted and recycled into reusable commodities. Direct Disposal’s recycling practices are so progressive that they are even in compliance with the AB939 recycling goals set for 2020. Direct Disposal recognizes recycling as more than a fad or an empty cause, but as a real cause with measurable and vital consequence. Accordingly, recycling is the most critical aspect of waste management. Direct Disposal recognizes this and is committed to carrying through the best possible recycling practices to maintain a healthy environment for future generations.



Our City Of Los Angeles Certified Diversion Rate: 76.39%.



CWS employs for a variety of positions in our downtown Los Angeles facility. Our team prides itself on dedication, passion, hard work, and exceptional customer service.

If you are interested in joining our team and are excited by the waste management and recycling field, please submit the form here and one of our team members will be in contact with you.


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