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Junk & Waste Removal

Direct Disposal provides the best services for junk removal Los Angeles. Whether it is for industrial uses, construction projects, manufacturing, or homeowners, we provide waste services for both small and large-scale projects. We offer bins and dumpsters of all types and sizes which are ideal for any construction project, and will safely and effectively help you get rid of the waste when you are done.

Direct disposal’s waste and recycling services are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more details on how to best utilize our services, simply click on “Get a Quote” or “Schedule a Service,” and we will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Once you have placed an order with us, Direct Disposal will give you a call to let you know that our driver is on his or her way. Our drivers are trained professionals with at least 10 years of field experience who are able to perform safely in tough environments and harsh weather conditions, and they will make sure your property is protected.

Also, we will ensure that your waste services will be performed as quickly as possible, so whatever project you are working on won’t be delayed. The service you requested should be completed within two hours of your projected time frame.

If you are looking for the best junk removal Los Angeles service, Direct Disposal provides you with the resources you need to complete your project efficiently and safely. We guarantee a large, clean, graffiti-free container, and safe, efficient service.

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